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    If you quieten your mind, the symphony will start. This means: if you concentrate, all the 'good' things will happen!

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    The Watercycle - evaporation [sun heats up water and it turns into a gas]-condensation [the droplets, which is a gas, cools down, clouds are formed]-precipitation [rain, hail, snow, sleet]-run-off [rivers, underground water]- collection [water gathers in the oceans] and the process starts again!

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    Your life will never improve unless you start making daily improvements. - Lewis Howes

    Ubuntu is an Ancient African word which means: 'I am', because 'we are' - which means - working together.

    Queen Nefertiti wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten during the 14th century B.C.
    Hello and Welcome to your Y4 blog- previously the Y5V blog. The name 'Ubuntu' means also to help one another and work together, have compassion and humility - all linking to our 5 school values!

    Queen Cleopatra 69 BC
    Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Always 'try!'
    A person who walks in another’s tracks leaves no footprints. So, do not copy other people, think outside the box and do what you need or want to do. Don't be a follower - be a leader.
    The minute you start talking about what you’re going to do if you lose, you have lost.
    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
    The world is divided into people who do things – and people who get the credit.
    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Keep on dreaming, it's something good!
    Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you can fly. So, start doing! You'll be amazed by what you will achieve!

    Our values: Truth, Compassion, Contentment, Humility and Love   

    Our  ‘learning to learn’ skills are:
    Confidence to give everything a go, Persistence, Asking questions, Making links with prior learning, Sharing ideas and forming your own opinions, Creative problem-solving, Thinking things through – planning ahead

    Our shared values in Y4: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do and say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and do our work thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    Our Class blog: 2011_12 was shortlisted for the Educational Class Blog Award! Click the image to see we ended up in position nr 10! http://y5atschool.edublogs.org/
    We like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it.

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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Y5V 2013_2014


To Y5V 2013_14 – my message to you!

This blog is now also a Y4V blog – I am adding on to this blog due to the amount of time I spend to set up new blogs each year. It will be the future blog for all the years to come. For this reason, I have now created this page for my lovely and wonderful Y5 class! Please feel free to keep on visiting and helping Y4s with their work by chatting with us and leaving your comments! We would love to hear from you! MrsVxx February 2015

To all of Y5
Y5 from 2013-2014: This is my message to you – and it’s still not farewell, as I will see you again in Y6! This is the message I promised to you in class.

It was an absolute privilege to have taught you all this year and I know you will be FAB Y6-pupils! As I said in class to you: you worked incredibly hard and it’s sad to say ‘goodbye’ to you wonderful bunch of FABULOUS pupils.

We as teachers always learn with you. Every year is like a new learning journey for us as well, as each one of you are unique and you have your unique qualities. We as teachers get to know a new bunch of ‘uniqueness’ every year and how you all ‘behave’ in your own way, is always a new way you help us in understanding children and getting better at things like to know how different you all can be and the way you learn best. I was lucky having you this year, I always looked forward to teaching you, never did I feel that I had to drag myself into school.

When you reflected back about the year, you ticked off a lot of things that ‘went well’ from my teaching, things that helped you, things you enjoyed and found ‘awesome’, etc. Thank you for being honest, I will definitely continue building on those strategies and ideas and hope to inspire more children like you. Your determination, motivation and eagerness to learn made it possible for me to be the teacher that stood in front of you every day. Sometimes I had to tell some of you off, hopefully for the better. I always tried to listen to you, asking about your thoughts or what you prefer to do, whenever it was possible and I was always surprised by what choices you made and the reasons you presented to support your choices.

We had our Victorian Day, a trip to the Roald Dahl museum, the Synagogue trip and the trip to the Science Museum. We also had the learning dome, where we learnt about the solar system, Ollie that worked with us on our Myths and Legend topic and he then donated Tokoloshe to us! We also had Menyara and the ‘future King’ visiting us. I always LOVED your art and the effort you put into it, but it was not only the effort in Art, it was the overall effort in EVERYTHING! You never complained about anything and tackled each task with enthusiasm and keenness. Even on the last minute, with the moon landing, you all were very interested and what a shame we didn’t have enough time to look into the ‘other’side’ so that we could come to a conclusion!

Keep the spirits high for next year and I know you will do brilliantly in your SATs. Remember to keep writing on the blog and I will keep visiting it! Sayna is now in ‘charge’ – although I will be on the background- in case she needs me for ‘help’, but I also know that she wouldn’t need it. It would be great for me to read what you do in Y6!

A BIG thank you to your lovely and wonderful cards, with the best of writing which I will always look back on and remember you for who you are. You are all special children. You all made some fantastic progress throughout the year. I was really pleased with you all and the way you took your learning seriously. You all wanted to do well, you wanted to make good progress and you took my advice on board, something I hope my new class will do too. I enjoyed your writing, the way you played with words and ideas. Thank you also for your positive attitude, keep it up for next year!
This is what I always tell Y5:
You are all unique in every way and you all have a little something special inside you. That little something special will determine what you will be one day. You all can reach for the best and achieve it. It is all up to you what you do with that little something special inside you. We are all different and have different abilities or skills, we excel in some areas more than others, but then again, others are better than us in other areas, for the reason of our uniqueness. Think what boring place it would be if we all were the same! But, we can all be the same in striving to be great! If you try your very best in everything, if you put in all the effort you can, if you live an honest life, you will do well in life. Be brave, honest, and positive, think positive and surround yourself with positive-thinking friends. Try new things and do not always shy away from taking risks and think: oh I cannot do that! Think different, think how you can achieve your goals in a different way, if it is not possible in the way you think it should be. Have an attitude of: I CAN, instead of: I CANNOT! Remember, we all make mistakes, but we LEARN from mistakes. This is how you LEARN. Nobody is perfect. If you can not do something the first time, try and try again! One of South Africa’s poets, Langenhoven – once said: God created the world just like a knife and left it up to us to take it by the handle or the blade. This means, it all depends on YOU what you want to do with your life. Use this knife wisely [by the handle] and you will do WELL. The world is your stage! Go for it! This blog will never get deleted. It is your home and you can always come back and look at the photos on the blog and treasure some good memories. – keep your eye on the blog for photos that will get uploaded within the next day or so.

Something to think about

Some say that every cloud has a silver lining.
I like to think that every cloud holds an opportunity.
Will you be the person sitting safe inside, wrapped in a soft cocoon,
Or will you be the one perched on top…
Watching, waiting…
For that chance to make a difference?
Will you be the one who sets their cloud ablaze?
When the path divides,
Will you be the one who chooses the path less travelled?
When your beliefs are challenged,
Will you be the one to maintain integrity?
When your time is demanded,
Will you be the one to take a step back to refocus your priorities?
When others don’t have a voice,
Will you encourage them and stand up for them with your words?
When you see injustice,
Will you be a leader and make things right?
Will you carve out your own path?
Will you stand firm in your beliefs?
Will you take time to continually reflect on your priorities?
Will you be a voice for those without one?
Will you always be a leader?
To balance unwaveringly on top of that cloud,
You need courage.
You only need faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain,
So courage in equal measure?
Imagine the possibilities…
Remember that God never gives you more than you can handle.
So, be that cloud surfer,
Poised and ready for the next challenge that is sure to come your way.
Be you…
But know who YOU are.
Be different…
Ready to stand apart from the crowd.
Be a leader…
Unafraid to stand alone.
Go out into this world
And don’t hide your light.
Be phenomenal
And Shine On!
Lots and lots of love – Mrs Vxxx

Thank you to Sayna and her news team helpers that worked hard by putting a class newsletter together!

[gview file=”http://ubuntu.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/03/Class-newsletter-5V.pdf”]



Our class logo – combination of designs by: Annpreet, Sayna, Pardip and Gurpreet. The meaning of our logo: With Kindness, Together, Step-by-Step we help each other to grow together.

5’s Birthdays: Dillan – 29th July, Munrise 17th August, Arjun 18th August, Manraj 12th September, Gurmant 13th September, Harmeet 28th September, Gurpreet 30th September, Jasneet 19th November, Sayna 24th November, Pardip 6th December, Ruben 13th December, Annpreet 17th December, Daamanjit 27th January, Taranveer 3rd February, Riadeep 11th February, Sian 14th February, Jeeven 19th February, Ishwar 20th February, Riya 21st February, Jagjit 25th March, Sanskar 6th April,  Harjaap 11th April, Jasmine 22nd April, Bohit 23rd May, Simret 16th June, Jaskaran 16th June, Anmol 22nd June, Amarpal 1st July, Belinderjeet 20th July, Jaskaran 21st July

To Parents of Y5V: 2013_2014

Parent Update: 18/7/2014 and 31/8/2014

THANK YOU to all the Parents who kindly presented me today with a lovely bouquet of flowers, beautiful gifts and a wonderful card. I was really touched by your beautiful, unexpected and kind gesture, which I really appreciate. Each year we have individual Parents, who show their appreciation in their own way, but never in a group like today’s group of Parents. It shows unity amongst you as Parents, which is wonderful, something I’ve not seen before at our school. – – maybe not as ‘visible’ as today. Thank you also to all other Parents for cards and words of ‘thank yous’ during the last few days of school. You all have been a WONDERFUL bunch of supportive Parents. I know your children will do well next year during the SATs.  They worked hard this year and they all know what is waiting for them.

Everything – all the hard work – was done in the interest of your child and we never do anything expecting a gift in return. Children’s learning always matters and what matters to them, matters even more to us as teachers.

Your children had been just as wonderful as you are. It was a GREAT pleasure to teach them this year. I foresee a bright future for all of them. They are a bright bunch of children, all eager to learn, to make good progress and it was noticeable throughout the year, that they took their learning really serious and WANTED to make GOOD progress. They know what they want to achieve in life and I’m sure they will do really well in life ahead, with Parents like you!

Thank you for your support throughout the year. I look forward to following their learning journey next year and I know they will do well, as they have your support 100% of the time. They should feel privileged having such wonderful Parents like you!

Thank you, once again and please do keep me posted with their progress. It will always be great to hear how they are getting on.


Mrs Vanx

A lovely poem from Annpreet

Mrs Van
When I began your class I thought I knew
the kind of challenges you’d make me face,
You gave me inspiration to track the best
and to reject the everyday,
Your thinking really opened up my mind.
With wisdom, style and grace, you made me see
that what I’d choose to seek, I’d surely find
You shook me out of my satisfaction.
I thank you now for everything you’ve done
what you have taught me, I will not outgrow.
Your kind attention touched my mind and heart
in many ways that you will never know.
I will remember you my whole life through
I wish that all my teachers were like you.

It’s always inspiring to get thank you cards from children. This is teacher appreciation, though we as teachers do not expect cards from children. With that, I don’t say that we don’t appreciate them! 🙂 For us it’s the good progress, the learning and taking on board the positives of learning and school in order to grow up and be a smart adult, what matters! So, children can thank teachers in different ways although we know it’s a polite way to end the year and children love saying thank you to their teachers – and we love reading all the cards and little messages that pop-up on your desk in various forms – all from the bottom of their hearts.


Jaskaran C


This year Y5 have been trying a completely different style in Art as ever before. We are saying, “Sorry” to the world! We say ‘sorry’ in the style of David Fullarton. We are WW2 soldiers and say sorry for anyone who had been affected by any event that happened during WW2. Watch this space for more amazing art – or pop into our class after half term to see our display, which we hope to finish this week! You can click on the images for a larger view.


David Fullarton – he says, ‘sorry’ to people for random everyday things.

During Autumn term, we wrote our own chapter by adding another character to the story of The BFG. This is Sayna’s chapter.

[gview file=”http://ubuntu.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/03/SAYNA-BFG.pdf”]

We hope you like Myths and Legends stories! We wrote our own! Please enjoy some of our African stories. First we read the legend about the Bunyup, which is the Australian creature, with the setting in the Blue Mountains – the Three Sisters. Then we moved the setting to South Africa, also with the Three Sisters. Do enjoy some of our stories – also published in our ‘We are Writers’-book. – There are still a few copies left, if you are interested in a copy. The first story is by Sayna.

Many people know the Three Sisters.  The three rocky formations have been sitting there for many, many centuries. But why? And how did it happen? It all started long, long ago in the mystical land of the Lebodu people…

Inquisitively, Freya asked, “Do we have to go the potholes?” Worried, the little girl continued, “What if we fall in, or what if the Tokoloshe gets us?”  “Oh Freya! We all know that’s  just a myth!” explained Zarina whilst patting her head to comfort her.

 As they approached the potholes, not making a noise, they entered a dark mysterious looking, unfamiliar cave.

“Look Zarina, I don’t think we should enter it!” advised Malinke, the third sister.

Ignoring her advice, Zarina entered the deep, dark, dusty cave, without any fear. A few steps later, she was nowhere to be seen! Scared and worried, shaking and trembling, Freya followed her into the cave, knowing it might be too dangerous. Malinke, full of fear and anxiety, followed, looking around curiously, but cautiously. She saw the orange glow of a fire as sparks flickered on the inner walls. Bewildered, she didn’t realise that where she was going, there was a tunnel of nothing! She crashed into a muddy swamp, packed with overhanging trees and eerie noises. Grouping and huddled together, the three sisters started making their way through the filthy swamp.

 As they carried on through the dense swamp, another cave appeared out of nowhere! Malinke and Freya headed deeper into the swamp, however Zarina, once again, decided to take the risky way and entered the cave. Soon after Freya turned back and followed after the oldest, yet least-wisest, sister. Yet again, Malinke was left alone!  “Guys! Guys, help!”shouted Malinke desperately and continuously. Immediately, she sensed something was wrong. Something very weird. A little voice inside her head told her to turn back. If only she hadn’t followed her sisters, if only she had trusted herself, if only she hadn’t gone out, then this would have never happened!

 But alas, she had done the opposite and unfortunately, she couldn’t redo her actions and feeling nervous, though brave, she decided to follow her sisters. 


The cave was full of waterfalls, some with black pebbles and others with plans of pranks. Sometime later, she got a strange feeling: this atmosphere reminded her of Queen Modjaji, the Rain Queen! But her den was far from here. So whose was this? It must have been someone very close to the Queen: The Tokoloshe!

 Shaking , full of trepidation, whilst butterflies tickle her stomach, her heart pounding wildly, out of her chest. Starting to making her way out, she stopped in her tracks. Desperate voices of her two sisters shouting, “HELP! H-E-L-P!” could be heard from a far distance.

 Glancing at the moving shadows, she yelled,“Freya, Zarina, where are you!”

Never had she felt so worried, terrified and lonely. She stomped up and down the room, letting her footsteps echoing all around. In and out of every door and into the Tokoloshe’s room she flew. Grabbing her sister’s rope, she cut them free and felt as if the weight of the world was lifted off her shoulders.

 “Well, well, well. Finally, the third fool has arrived!” hissed an intimidating voice from behind the rejoicing sisters. As they all glanced back, the Tokoloshe gave them a sneaky grin whilst he thrusted his hand forward and tied them back to the post. Zarina had seen this figure before! Casting her mind back, ignoring the endless cries of her twisting and turning sisters, she tried to think! How had they come to this moment? Only a short time ago, were they playing merrily in the village with their friends. Voices in her head brushed against her memory as flicks of cold water landed on her cheek.

 “Are you finished with your think, my dear?”asked the disgusting, strange, little creature in a mocking, sarcastic voice. “Well allow me to introduce myself. I am the Tokoloshe! I am hailed as master pranker, great plotter and owner of evil genius brain,” he continued with an evil smile and his menacing laughter echoed around the room as he left.

 However, as the world fell asleep, Zarina stayed up planning their escape. As the early hours of dawn struck, the three sisters were out of ropes and were ready to run away, back to the swamp but they found themselves stuck in a waterfall instead! Her eyes raised, she leapt around as her knees, wobbled when she heard the nerve-racking footsteps of the evil Tokoloshe coming closer. Freya saw a shining spark came from the corner and whilst she stepped closer, she picked up a golden egg for everyone to marvel at. Seconds later, the egg transformed into a wooden, rope ladder that led them across to the other side. Though shaking with fear, they safely crossed the bridge and returned to the cave.

 Panicking, Freya asked with a glint of fear in her voice,“How are we going to climb up to the well!?” 

“I’m not sure, but we better hurry up!”replied Malinke, not really worried.

 Echoing around the cave, was Tokoloshe’s footsteps with the sound of steps coming closer and closer.  Zarina held up the golden egg as it turned lifted them up. Running across the rocky path, they thought they were safe, but they were too late. Tokoloshe had already met with Queen Modjaji; she had a big surprise in store for them. Moments later, the three girls had disappeared and in their place stood three human-shaped rocks.

 And till today, that is how the Three Sisters came to stand at this beautiful place. And till today, they still wait for the Tokoloshe to forgive them, though, as the years go by, nobody takes notice of them anymore and they’re still standing tall, standing and waiting in the hope that someone would care one day.

Sayna Y5V

Our story starts  a few hundred years ago in the land of Bourke’s Luck, where the three sisters lay.  Legend has it that the Tokoloshe created them as mud beasts, but they were destroyed by the gods among us. This is the story…

Tokoloshe was the most feared creature in the whole of Africa; this was because the Tokoloshe was the minion of the most feared people: the witches! One dull dark day, the Tokoloshe slithered to the end of his cave, which was a portal to the witch world. ZAP!! Standing on High Mountain, Tokoloshe scanned the atmosphere intensely. There were trees of every shape and size, twisting and turning to the top. The smell of blood surrounded the perimeter, while the cackles of witches echoed the high mountains. He jumped one hundred feet and searched for three special bottles. Near a lake, there were the three bottles! All glowing with human souls. ZAP!!

The rest of that day, Tokoloshe was mixing and stirring in a magic bowl. In the bowl there were the most disgusting things you could ever imagine: twelve frog legs, ten spider arms, fifteen muddy rocks, old mouldy liquid of the three bottles and the worst of all: some of the blood of Queen Modjaji!  BANG! His most ultimate prank was ready… In front of him were three beautiful girls, dressed in the most stunning jewellery ever seen! He named them: Mande, Freya and Lehani. The creature gave them three stones, which were filled with a mud potion.  All Tokoloshe had to do now, is find a weak, frail human to play a prank on, but who will it be?

Slowly, creeping cautiously out of the cave, he grabbed a mystical  stone and ate it! ZOOMPA! Tokoloshe was in Bourke’s Luck. Sneaking around the place, the sly creature jumped into every house in the village, but he desperately needed a new victim, a man who doesn’t know about him, he needed fresh prey! He jumped on a roof of a nearby house. He scanned the area, jumped off and galloped to the end of the village. At last he was at a small hut, where a young, dumb man, a new member of the Lebodu tribe, was busy cleaning his shoes. Crawling inside the small squared window, Tokoloshe crept up  from behind to the boy to find out his weaknesses and to use them against him!

Back at the cave the smell of sweat surrounded the cave, blood painted the cave walls. Cries of fear echoed in the cave and the three girls lay on the floor, half dead crying in pain.

ROAR!  ‘What happened to you lot?’ exclaimed Tokoloshe in anger and excitement.

‘We were fighting for this stunning jewellery set we found in the treasure room,’ cried Mande.

The Tokoloshe stormed to his part of the cave, flung jewels to the sealing, smashed three doors, and slit the arm of Lehani. The fire in his eyes grew wider and wider as he saw the three girls  sitting in the corner of the cave. He flung the children to the sealing, as the beast threw a sword at him.  Running to the exit, Tokoloshe shot a sharp gleaming claw and tried to catch the girls to eat them!  However, terrified and petrified, the three girls ran in the path of Tokoloshe. Through alleys they darted, and down the tribe hall until they reached the hut of Jengo. Bursting in the hut, the children panted in fear. In front of them was Jengo, a tall, beefy kind man.              

    ‘What happened to you lot,’ rejoiced Jengo

‘It’s Tokoloshe, he is after us!’ whispered Lehani, exhausted and still panting like a dog.

‘And he wanted to gobble us up!’ added Freya, as they all fainted and fell on the floor.                                                                                             

 Waking up, the three girls were in lovely beds with Jengo in-front of them. A young, sweet boy handed them a jug of water. That was a big mistake! Larger and larger they grew, as Jengo hit the exit. BANG!! The hut exploded into a million pieces. The boy ran and ran as the monsters ran after him! Where was he going? Who’s going to help? Jengo ran by the thought of Queen     Modjadji for help. He busted through the door and there stood Queen Modjadji, the Rain Queen.

“What happened Jengo?” asked Queen Modjadji, looking anxiously.

“Hurry, we don’t have much time until the monsters reach the fought!” shouted Jengo in fear.

The two ran to the top—to a special room. There were thousands of drums, each and every size. The Queen went to the largest drum and started playing a loud ear breaking beat, a message got passed on!  That instantly shook the ground and two gods, the earth god and fire god emerged from the stale ground…

“Why have you called us here?”Exclaimed the gods at once, feeling still sleepy and fossilised. 

“Tokoloshe is up to his pranks and now he sent three mud monsters to this world!” replied Jengo.

“ Then we will stop them, together!” replied the gods angrily.

The three sisters were at Dragon Mountain, destroying everything in their path. ZAP!! The three gods were on top of Dragon Mountain and saw the three sisters. They put their hands together, ZAPPED and ZOPPED the three sisters in a rage of anger. In front of them were three rocky formations standing as tall as ever; hoping that the gods will forgive them once more.

Ishwar Y5V

The Three Sisters

Have you ever heard an amazing legend that you want to listen to again and again?

Long long ago, in an African village called Bush Buck Ranch, there lived three orphans, who were extremely poor called Zarina, Mande and the youngest sister called Freya. The three of them were great closed friends of the Queen Modjadji, the Rain Queen of the area and the leader of the Lobedu people.

One day, as the girls were wandering towards the river bank for their usual daily bath, Freya overhead some people talking about the African beast: the Tokoloshe and his mystical emerald cave! As the girls dried the water off themselves, Freya asked her older sisters of the Tokoloshe and if they knew something about him.

“How do you know about the Tokoloshe? We were trying to keep a secret from you! But who told you?” asked the terrified and upset Zarina, who was the oldest sister.

“I heard some people talking about the Tokoloshe as we were walking down here ,” replied the baffled, confused  and puzzled Freya.

“Also, I heard people talking about his emerald cave. Hey,if we go there to get the emeralds and sell them, then we shall be rich for life like Modjadji,” added Mande excitedly with a smile. So in greed the girls set-off on their long  and tiring journey, unaware of the Tokoloshe’s serpent guard called Sakina, who loved human flesh for every meal of the day!

As they entered the forest where lay the cave of their fortune, they could see noting but the pitch darkness of the sky, and the overhanging trees and even more dense trees with thick large branches. In the darkness, they could see a little glow of something, perhaps it was the cave! As their hopes and confidence returned, Mande excitedly exclaimed, “Were not lost!! Remember Modjadji told us that the emeralds glow at night. This glow  is the cave and it’s not far away, come on let’s move on!”

When they reached the cave, the girls were in a huge surprise when they heard the Tokoloshe’s serpent hissing and saw  it slithering side to side. Ringing the special bell, which Queen Modjadji had given them, it instantly made Queen Modjadji  appeared. “Help Modjadji, help that serpent is in the way and we need to pass him to get some emeralds,” shouted and screamed the girls in desperation. The serpents eyes widened in the feast before him! Seeing all of this, Queen Modjadji sank the serpent Sakina and turned him into ashes and cremated him. Mande thanked the Rain Queen and Queen Modjadji disappeared like a ghost swirling around you in fog, leaving the girls alone in front of the Tokoloshe’s cave.

After a while, which felt like hours,  the girls found themselves on a bed of glowing emeralds. They had forgotten about the Tokoloshe in all there greed. With eyes widened, they jumped into another pool of emeralds. Luckily the Tokoloshe wasn’t at home as he was out scaring children making them wee their beds! They quickly gathered heaps full of emeralds in their bags and ran back home as fast as there skinny little legs could take them.

Exhausted they arrived home, with aching body parts full of sweat. Quickly they sold all their discovered emeralds worth thousands and millions of Rands. The next day the girls went again, this time with beautiful silk clothes which they had bought fom themselves from the money they had made. Little did they know that the Tokoloshe was at home and was waiting for them to give them there doom. Before they knew it they were at the Tokoloshe’s cave, ready for more emaralds. As they were about to get hands full of emeralds, the Tokoloshe caught them in the act and turned them into rocky formations!

After that day onwards, those greedy girls were never to be seen again and as for Modjadji, she soon turned sixty and had to poison  herself to die. Well for the   Tokoloshe, he still continues to scare silly rude and disobedient  children.  – Annpreet Y5V

Many Centuries ago, a powerful Rain Queen called the Queen Modjadji lived in her muddy Palace. She reigned over a tribe called the Lebodu tribe, who believed that the Rain Queen could talk to the        almighty god and she had some special powers, like causing rain storms and if she was very angry, she could send her enemy a flood! Up high the mist cliffs, there lived a cunning crafty evil creature, the Tokoloshe. He was an old enemy of the Rain Queen.

When the sun rose high in the African skies, the Rain Queen confirmed that her secret plan should work . Unknowingly, someone from the Lebodu tribe overheard her secret conversation. After a while, her plan was revealed: to destroy the evil, nasty TOKOLOSHE!! – for once and forever.  However, the Rain Queen wasn’t aware about the magic powers Tokoloshe could generate, even unexpectedly. Though Kwasi, the stern  and confirmed leader of the tribe, was aware of these magic powers that  Tokoloshe had, even in the midst of the night he could destroy the most powerful enemy.


Somewhere up high the smoggy cliffs, a small, hairy beast with pointy ears, which soars through the air like a rocket, was called the terrifying Tokoloshe. He lived in a dark and damp cave, hidden in the forest and folds of the Dragon Mountains.

Concentrating hard to find what secret plan was set up by the cunning crafty Queen, he tried his best to invade her thoughts by casting his mind back and remembered those unforgettable memories which the Rain Queen had made, by destroying his whole family.

Early one morning, the Rain Queen immediately and suddenly clutched her wand and ordered Kwasi to unlock the hairy beast, the Buntor. Urgently, Kwasi demanded his servants to go and inform Tokoloshe about the merciless battle, so he could be prepared.

Quickly and hastily the servants ascended the mountain in the cold crispy breeze, looking around nervously, as they scanned the foot of the mountain for the Tokoloshe.

Petrified and unable to make any movement, they saw the lake of DEATH!!! As they gasped for air,   suddenly a gold shiny and shimmering pebble, in the shape of drop of water, appeared in front of them. Unknowingly, they slowly approached the golden pebble and ZAP!! They disappeared.

‘Where are we?  What are we doing here?’ wandered the servants with negative thoughts, as they walked through the long leafy path, still looking for the  terrifying Tokoloshe. Finally it was time for Kwasi to play the drum to alert the residents of Ndlama. In order to pass the message across the village, he played the drums loudly, the message: ‘Stay at home, danger!’

Kwasi had immediately unlocked Buntor and released the supernatural powers of Buntor to attack and erase the powerful Tokoloshe. Later the day they prepared for the BATTLE. The Rain Queen asked Taloc, the god  of thunder, for power and strength to destroy Tokoloshe. The tollobo drums were played and messages got sent around the villages. Villagers get ready for the battle of all battles.

 The wind wrestled through the trees, as Tokoloshe entered the battle field. The Rain Queen caught a glimpse of the three servants which Kwasi had sent. The Rain queen caught a sight of his magic pebbles and stole them with her supernatural powers. The clever and crafty Tokoloshe turned Kwasi into stone and cast a spell which no one could unlock.

Queen Modjadji’s mouth was wide open as she gasped for air. She had stepped back and decided to leave the battle field by the fear of Tokoloshe. Even after hundred centuries, the Rain Queen hasn’t returned. Kwasi is still waiting to be unlocked, still crying that he’s been forgotten. Gurpreet Y5V       

                      The Three Sisters

Long, Long ago in the land of Lebodu people, lived a Rain Queen named Queen Madjaji, three daughters and a      unknown creature. Just a knock of silence and something went wrong! I’m going to tell: Never open a door to a stranger or something unexpected might happen to you!

The Rain Queen had three lovely daughters named Zarine, Lahea and Lahinte. There was a silent knock on their door, so Queen Madjaji went to open it, because her maids were too busy with other work around the huge house. All there was, was a gush of wind, but nothing else! There was the same silent knock but then all she saw was something flying across the floor. “AHHHHHH”, Queen Madjaji screamed and then fainted on the floor, even though she didn’t know what the horrible creature was. All the maids in the kitchen could see  what it was.

 A TOKOLOSHE!!!  The disgusting creature had slid across the floor and had entered the kitchen with a bang and a clang. Shouting in the air, poor Queen Madjaji’s children had heard the terrible scream and had come down the stairs to see what had happened. The disgusting hairy, gruesome yellow teethed Tokoloshe was still in the kitchen, waiting to perform one of his tricks!

As the three daughters came downstairs, they were really shocked about the sudden discovery. With a surprising scream, Zarine, one of the daughters had gone to the kitchen to get some medicine for their mother. Shocked and amazed all of the children had felt something hairy around their legs. After a minute, Queen Madjaji was conscious and didn’t realise that their daughters were going to experience something unusual. Zarine and her sisters then felt a hush and on their mouths, something trying to suffocate them and stopping them from talk. Lahinte tried screaming, but couldn’t, because she was almost suffocated and breathlessly tired.

Zarine threw the medicine and a ‘ting’ was heard, that gave a signal to Queen Madjaji that her daughters weren’t safe at all. She turned and looked around nervously,  but couldn’t find her small innocent children. One minute later, she found her children trapped by the Tokoloshe. Just then Queen Madjai used a special power, which was to wink and change places, so she did! In a flash she went to an island with a river on the side. Instantly, she turned her three daughters into three rocky mountains. The poor Queen did this, because she wanted her children to be safe and not to be eaten by any Tokoloshe.

Amazingly, the Tokoloshe had rubbed a secret pebble, which took both of them the Tokoloshe and the Queen to a normal house.  Now the Tokoloshe wanted revenge, but just in time the Queen had destroyed him and in a ZIP everything was over! The Queen’s eyes were popping out, veins jumping up and her cheeks were moving inwards and outwards, as she was snorting and blowing gushes of cold and warm air.  The sunset was awakening by the scream of Queen Madjaji. Till this day, Queen Madjaji has never been seen, and her daughters are still waiting for her to turn them back to humans.  

Anmol, Y5V

In Literacy, we looked at stories from other cultures and we wrote a story from a different point of view. We studied Mufaro’s Beautiful daughters. We also published our stories in a book! Please enjoy some of our stories!

Menyara’s story

Years ago in the land of Zimbabwe, where the tawny sun touched the beauty of the chrystal clear rivers, and the African animals danced from dawn till dusk, I worked till the encouraging voice in my head faded away.  I, Menyara, wanted to become the queen, the Queen of Jengo! This is my story…

It was a hot summers day, unlike the rest! The hours were long in my garden as I was trying to repair after Nyasha, my two faced horrible sister, damaged it. Suddenly a loud, though beautiful tune belted through my ears and I instantly new that it was the drumming sound of the king’s messenger! I raced to the road and received a sealed letter. As I opened it, my heart raced like a F1 racing car. It was an invitation to meet the king to become queen! I was over-excited: rolling on the green grass, shaking my arms, waving to my friends nearby and then a cheeky thought made me smile from cheek to cheek.

It was a cold stormy night. I packed very light and left the house quietly with only cheese, bread and water. As I left the house, I was greeted with slaps of the cold air and the screeching howls of the wind. A long and tough road was waiting; however it would be all worth it!  

What was that noise? Walking closer to the noise, a dark silhouette emerged from the creepy dark forest. Beady eyes were transfixed on me as a deep voice shouted rapidly and repeatedly, “Food, Food, Food!”  A slim head peeked through my bag! Furious, I shouted, “Go away!” With splash I angered him, and it disappeared in the silence of the night.

Tired and hopeless, hungry and lonely, I ran and sat down and at a nearby tree!  All of a sudden I heard a loud scream! An old lady walked straight to me! She had an old crooked back with a bent leg. Even she had long dangling arms, which were like an elephant’s trunk! Her cracked, dry lips opened and she shouted, “Come child, come I have an important secret to tell you. Later in your journey you would witness a bunch of laughing trees, but you shouldn’t laugh back or you will be cursed with bad luck!” As a sign of my appreciation, I was going to give her a beautiful flower that I picked up on my way. All of a sudden, a bullet slipped past my ear and cannon balls that had flames like the sun, crashed beside me! In shock I ran away to the exit, forgetting about her gift and her message!


Hours later I woke up with a sinister feeling. The air was dense and thick, and the sky was dark and dead! The wind howled and the gnarled trees opened their mouths in silence! “HAA HAAA HAAAA HAAA!” Confused and hurt, hopeless and frightened I rose and started to laugh! Creeping slowly, the trees stopped and it was absolutely silent. I ran off!


Finally I reached my destination! The palace was in front of me and I could now walk happily as the road to become queen, was wide and open in front of me. Proudly, I walked in the place door with my head held high, but the king was nowhere to be seen! SSSSS!!! A loud sound came from the king’s chair and in an instance a snake bit me and left me half dead, while Nysha walked in with a grin on her face saying, “ I always win!”

Right in front of me was the King! He smiled as he asked Nyasha to marry him. I could only watch and couldn’t believe my eyes. All I could do was to walk off and accept the fact that I’ll be the slave in the Palace of my sister. Nobody would listen to me, nobody would believe my story.

 By Ishwar 


I lived with a well… sort of kind sister who is an attention seeker. I also lived with my dad, Mufaro, who is the best dad in the entire world! Sometimes when my sister, Nyasha, did some gardening or chores, she bawled, “I’m going to do some chores!” So this was how she got attention, everybody thought she worked so hard. As for me, I just went, without announcing anything to anyone, to do my chores quietly and peaceful. Nobody cared anyway.

One glamorous day, when I was busy gardening, I could hear lots of voices of large groups of villagers in the village square. Both Nyasha and I raced rapidly towards the tall towering garden fence. We were just in time to see that a messenger was going to announce something! It was the King’s messenger! Looking tired:  breathing hard, gasping for breath and wheezing whilst he presented the message, “The king wants the two most beautiful girls to choose as the future queen! Everybody must attend the party at the Palace!”  Then he scurried off into the lush and abundant forest. Exciting villagers all scuffled around, discussing the beautiful girls of Mufaro!

The next day I woke up at night, it was three o’clock in the morning and I sneaked out of my bedroom and crept through a small window. I started walking down the grubby, grimy and dusty road towards the immense and colossal forest, where lots of dangerous animals rummaged around i it. Even though my eyes were feeling giddy because I didn’t get enough sleep, I still kept cautious of all the dangerous animals that might be lurking around me in the early morning light. I was too tired to carry on, so I sat by the trees, my eyes still keeping caution with my ears. Suddenly and without knowing, I drifted off to sleep.

All of a sudden, fragile looking boy was shouting at my face, “Who are YOU! I want FOOD!” which went on and on and it felt like hours. Reminding him about his manners, I asked him to be patient for food. Because of his bad manners, I said, ‘ no’, as  he needed to be taught a lesson! Immediately after that, without any warning, he vanished into thin air! I shrieked, “OH MY! And I ran away as fast as my legs could carry me from that cursed that cursed spot!

Lumbering through the creepy forest, I became dizzy again! The sudden sounds of roars and cries of and animals woke me up again. I looked around to see if there were any dangerous animals lurking around me, but I only saw a few birds. When I looked ahead of me, again to get on with my journey, a plump old lady was right in my face! She suddenly started to poke with a long cane, which painfully hurt me. She then shouted with spit covering my face, “DO NOT LAUGH AT THE TREES OR LAUGH BACK AT YOU!” I didn’t know what she was talking about and then told to get out of my way as I was late for a wedding. So I just walked off, ignoring the rude old lady.

Later on, I saw lots of funny looking trees and animals around me. But I wasn’t going to laugh at the trees; I was going to laugh at the animals like squirrels or monkeys, tickling me as they climbed around me.

Suddenly I could see a bright light in the distance! It was the Palace!  I pushed away the leaves and sprinted down the mountain to the Palace. I ran inside. I was met by a five headed snake! I screamed, “ARHHHHHHHHHHHH” and ran away, outside and told Nyasha, who was on her way, not to enter, but she ignored me!

The next minute, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I heard the King asking Nyasa to marry him! I was devastated! I knew what waited for me. A servant,  that was what I was good for. Who would ever believe my story! Manraj Y5V

Manyara’s story – by Sian Y5V

Hi my name is Manyara and what you’re about to hear is the story about me and my sister, Nyasha, and the message.

Long ago I lived with my generous family. I lived with my kind father, Mufaro, and my stupid, pathetic Nyasha. I lived in a small village named Mosish in Zimbabwe where everybody cared for each another and had loyalty not just for themselves but family, friends, and the villagers.

It was a glorious and glimmering morning and everybody was sleeping peacefully until they heard a loud BANG! BANG! BANG! Everybody rush to the village hall as they knew Kings Messenger has arrived. “The Kings has sent me to tell all the beautiful, attractive and fair girls of Mosish that the Prince will be choosing one girl to be his wife and the Queen. On the 24th of May all the girls please come to the Kingdom” Said the messenger Kindly. All the girls squealed in excitement as they were assured to be Queen. Manyara was extremely excited as she knew that she was going to be Queen.

“Nyasha when I become Queen YOU will become a servant in MY household” said Manyara spitefully.

“I would be glad to become your servant, but why do you say such things” replied Nyasha

“Don’t you question me” Shouted Manyara

It was the night before the choosing of the Queen and the Wedding Day and the same night that I snuck out of the house to be the first to become the Queen. During that night Manyara came up to a little boy. “FOOD, FOOD, FOOD” Demanded the boy. Manyara gave him a piece of fruit from her bag and ran away. And then Manyara met and old lady. “Manyara dear, when you come up to a bunch of laughing trees don’t laugh back” Said the old woman softly. Once I came up to the laughing trees I ignored what the old lady had said and started to laugh with the trees “I laugh at you trees”. The next day everybody went looking for me as they knew I wasn’t in the village. “Once I got to the Kingdoms gates I was astonished by the beauty of the Palace. About 40 minutes later the whole village came to the Palace. I obviously didn’t want Nyasha to be the first so I came up with a plan. “Oh please my dear sister, please don’t go in there, there’s a five headed monster please don’t go in there” said Manyara dramatically.

My plan sort of worked. Nyasha walked in walked in and there was no five –headed monster but I swear I saw one. Nyasha started talking to the snake. It was a garden snake. “Oh little snake my sister lied about the five-headed monster. You’re just a little snake” Said Nyasha softly. Then the little garden snake transformed into the Prince. Manyara stormed in to the courtyard “You was the little boy?” asked Manyara

“Yes” replied the Prince

Manyara ran away as she was very scared. “Will you marry me?” asked the Prince

“Yes” screamed Nyasha. And from that day onwards Manyara was the royal maid. AND they all lived happily ever after! – Sian



Our masks — after the workshop with Ollie.




Y5 2013_2014: We took part in a global learning project: Save the rhinos – see the side bar for the official link. These two videos are only an example of some of our Rhino work. On the Official Wiki-link you will see tons more.

On this page, you will find some of our work of  2012-2013 as well.

On THIS LINK you can read our Victorian stories where they’ve been showcased on the Blogdipping-site of Mrs Julia Skinner – a retired Headteacher. She loved our stories so much, that she showcased them to all the 100s of teachers on twitter! Wow, we are impressed with ourselves! Read some of our stories in this entry – you need to slide down a bit. 



Y5 2012_2013: This is some of our tiles we painted during Spring term. Previous years we painted small dinner plates, which was more successful than these small tiles. But…. you will agree the tiles still look BRILLIANT. The tiles were just a bit too small to paint. Back to small dinner plates next time!



This is the plates y5’s of 2 yrs ago painted and this is what we will be doing again, though ours will not be about William Morris, but will link to our work of Spring Term.

Y5 2012_2013: During our WW2 topic, we studied the art of Paul Nash  and we drew our own pictures in the style of Paul Nash.


Keerat’s WW2 art


WW2 Art – Jiovanni

We have been studying Space – as  a topic, enjoy our Space art. See our lovely display in the corridor outside our class!





In Y5 we’ve been learning how to write a story from another point of view. We’ve been studying the story of Manyara – a selfish and unpleasant character – and Nyasha – an altruistic [unselfish] and pleasant character. The title of the story: The beautiful daughters of Mufaro. Please enjoy some random sentences from Y5′s wow-writing. When we write, we try to use compound and complex sentences. Do you spot any in their writing?

Sukhman: As the sun baked down upon the river bed, I was busy listening to Nyasha singing to her pet snake.  As I was walking carefully to the city, I saw an old lady and she frightened me to death! Secretly, but quickly, I approached the palace and minutes later, the wedding party arrived at the palace. I growled to my sister not to go inside the chamber and that there was a snake with ten heads with poisonous teeth!

SimranjitB: Suddenly, from nowhere, a messenger arrived with some dazzling news. As the stars lit up the world, I grabbed some food and silently crouched down gently, ready to go!  Bashing through the thick and overgrown forest, I spotted an old cold-hearted woman, wearing a chick  brown jacket, trying to explain about the laughing trees. 

Ruben: Whenever I heard the droning begging voice, I got even madder and angrier at the boy, as he was getting louder and louder, therefore I screamed at him to shock him and he just wandered off, back to from where he came from. Late that morning, I came across an old mysterious lady with her body stuck in a tree!

HarveenS: As I put on my old worn-out clothes to fetch water from the well and to pick berries, I heard the emergency horn from a messenger and I quickly gathered everything in a clearing and listen to the message. That same night, as the moon replaced the sun, after everyone was asleep, I dashed off to the forest to be the first and adorable girl standing right in front of the King!

Kuljit: Dreadfully shocked by noticing the old ugly woman that knew my name, I immediately ignored her and rapidly strolled off without taking any notice of her. Just when I thought I was nearly by the Palace, I came past an orchard of oak trees, which started laughing at me! Just then the sun opened its eyes and shone its brightness at the trees.  After lumbering hours through the forest, I finally approached the Palace and I could feel my face gleaming by the beautiful sight in front of me.

Priya: Minutes later, which felt like hours, I saw a small boy begging for food and he kept on being very demanding. Without offering any food to him, I passed the innocent, poor boy, whilst my cautious eyes were squinting and scanning the area around me. Was it my imagination?

Taljot: Soon, as it turned dark, I rapidly and quietly tiptoed out of the house and stopped right in front of Nyasha’s window, looking how she admired herself in front of the mirror. On my way through the forest, I stumbled over a young boy, who was very impolite and begging for food. Wondering how Nyasha was going to react, I noticed an old, ugly and wrinkled lady, sitting on a large boulder and she stared at me with a stern face. 

Amrit: Whilst Nyasha was wasting her time in her garden, singing to Nyoka, a chubby-looking messenger brought an urgent message from the King. Quietly and cautiously, I crept out of the house, without trying to make a noise. 

Jeevan: Secretly, though immediately, without wasting any precious time, I jogged off into the forest, trying to be at the Palace before dark. I honestly wanted to help the poor begging boy, however, having had only food for myself, I flew off and continued my frightful journey through the deep and dark forest. All of a sudden, the begging boy was laughing loudly and I stood there in shock. 

Gursimran: Almost immediately, after I sneaked very quietly out of the front door, I realised the forest was even gloomier than I expected. On my way through the dark forest, a skinny, pointy-eared boy interrupted my journey to the Palace. Suddenly, from nowhere, I saw an old, weird lady, with a horror expression on her face, sitting on a stone. 

Navkiran: Whilst the dazzling rays of the sun were roaming the planes of Zimbabwe, I felt so awfully bored by everyone’s thoughts about Nyasha being the future queen! As the day was drawing to a close, I was getting ready to freak out! Strolling down cautiously through the forest, I spotted the grove of trees the old lady was referring to.

Some of our booklets we made during World Book day! Don’t you think they are cute? We still need to add our beads to some coloured floss and that will be our ‘bookmark’.


In Numeracy we looked at Symmetry and created our own ‘Mandalas’. We designed our pattern and in Publisher we put the 4 quarters together and saved it as an image. Don’t you think they are great? We loved it!





 Victorian Stories…Y5 2012_2013

It was a frightening, gloomy night, when torture began! “Crash, boom! Thump, crash!!” It was war. Charlie’s whole family was bombed! Charlie ended up in Britain and on the streets of London. As his soulful eyes grew tiny and narrowed, small tears slid across his cheeks. People (that were rich), laughed and pointed at him and tip-toed by. His life was wrecked…

One bright, fresh crispy morning – the sun was about to settle, when suddenly his eyes followed a man. The man was wearing a top-hat and hence a long cloak with jagged ends and he was gripping a long stick!  Moreover, Charlie noticed that the stick had a logo! Apparently, the man was coming towards him! What was he going to do? Was he in trouble? What was he going to say to the man?

“Hello, kid! What’s up, me names Mr Jonsman,” introduced Mr Jonsman himself in a low and deep voice. Little did Charlie know that in how much trouble he would be if he responded to Mr Jonsman…

“H-hello – Sir, do have anything to eat? Oh, if not food, can I just have a blanket, me is so shivvering!” muttered poor Charlie, looking around to all the other children, dressed up warmly.

“Wait, you want enough shillings for you grubby old self, you can work in my factory!” exclaimed Mr Jonsman in a demanding voice.

As they were talking, Charlie saw a spark in Mr Jonsman’s eye…He had a curious doubt. After talking and walking for a while, there was a mysterious long pause. Charlie felt uncomfortable. He didn’t know what to say.

“Right!” Jonsman said, reaching out towards Charlie, dragging him on the saddle. Minutes later, they arrived at an old, shabby, but enormous house. Charlie looked around.  Slowly, while opening the door to the enormous dusty house, Mr Jonsman ordered quickly, “Come, come, come!!”

Just then, Jonsman grabbed poor Charlie’s hand and slid him wildly across the surface; finally in a dark gloomy, mysterious room.

“The name’s Gangster Gill, and no one, not even my gang, messes with me!!” Jonsman (who is actually Gangster Gill) shouted viciously, striding from side to side, whilst Charlie crawled slowly towards the corner of the room.

“I’m the world’s most wanted wants-man there ever is in all wantsmanships!! The soldiers have been hunting for me for years, all across the world. I am still alive! I’ve been torturing people, throwing them in rivers and making them starve!

In a quick sudden flash, Gangster Gill smacked the door closed. Now Charlie was stuck with a rope…hang on …a rope? That mysteriously gave clever Charlie a great idea! After a minute of thinking, his eye caught a window! It was a long large window, with neatly polished sides. Charlie was good at maths and puzzles, so he quickly grab-hold of the rope and flung it outside the window and tied it to a tree. Successfully, he began climbing it easily. Near the end, he took a huge leap for it. Fortunately, he was gone! He had escaped!!

Still know one knows where Charlie had gone to! He might be here, just behind you! And as for Gangster Gill….? Well, that’s a whole lot of another story! +++Harnoor

As the bolt of lightning flashed across the dull, gloomy sky, Sam, a young boy, was staring through the Boarding School’s window. It was raining heavily. He had a sister, who was also a cleaner. Sam’s father died during the Crimean war with his brother.

“AAAAHHH!!!” shouted Sam. He got a big smack on his hand from his teacher. It hurt a lot! He hated boarding school. Thunder began rumbling like when your tummy rumbled, when you were hungry. Sam couldn’t take this anymore! He thought to plan an escape from school. It felt like a jail and it was just unbearable. Nobody liked it.

Sam went to fresh himself up. The rain had stopped. He heard footsteps! Who could it be?  Where is this person from? Many questions flicked through his mind.

“Hello boy! My name is Vile Victor!” a tall and grumpy old man growled. Sam widened his eyes and turned around. The man shouted, “Come and have  a feast with me!” Sam thought about it. It might be a trap, however, he was very poor and extremely hungry! He decided to join the old man, he didn’t look like somebody who would cause any harm to somebody else. In fact, he looked more friendly now since he was closer to him.

 When Sam finished what was a delicious feast, the man tricked him and a cage fell down on him! Sam trembled with fear! Laughing was all the man did. Meanwhile, Sam’s teacher couldn’t find him and the children got worried! All the boys rushed out of the school, because it was after school time and they could play, so they needed to go outside to the lake. There was absolutely nothing, except the lake and a bunch of trees. The boys knew there was a man living beside the lake, so they came up with an idea to go to this man.

Half an hour later, there was one person, Tom, near the lake. The other children found cover behind the trees. This was their plan! Vile Victor was coming! Meanwhile, Sam opened his eyes and looked at the window. He saw Tom with Vile Victor! Everybody was behind the vile man! Sam also recognised his teacher and he felt so excited by the thought of seeing them all again!

“CHARGE!!!!” shouted everyone. Vile Victor was trapped! Everyone took the man to the Workhouse, where guards punished him. Everything was back to normal, although a little punishment was waiting for Sam. However, Sam accepted the punishment. “AAAAHHHH!!” was all he could say after being caned three times for trying to escape. Sam realised it was best to stay at Boarding School. —JEEVAN Y5V

When the wind settled, the poor and lonely orphans were starving and the horrific cries on the rooftops of London houses could be heard for miles and miles.  However, John always tried to be brave, though it was hard most of the time. He always tried to believe in himself, but he couldn’t cope, as his mother died from cancer.

As the moon rose, the orphans went to their night jobs in the dark and dangerous factories with magnificent machines. “What’s the point of doing this job? We only get a shilling and always starve to death!” groaned John, looking at the other orphans. The other orphans leaped home around in tears, as they were abused by the adults. They were not doing their work properly as they used to do, because of all the abuse! John and the others started getting abused repeatedly. “I’m tired of being beaten, next time we will stand up for us and be fearless! We need to stand together, we are in it together!”

As soon as John got to the factory, he stood up for everyone who got beaten and never got paid. “I am sick and tired of you abusing us,” shouted John to the owner. “You think you’re so clever, John, but you and your little dirty friends will even get more beaten and abused because of you! Nobody will go home! Oh yeah, I forgot, you don’t have a home!” interrupted and exclaimed the owner of the factory, really angry at John. 

Ever since that day, John wrote a diary in the hope to get it published. That same evening, John ran away. It was extremely hard and it was cold. He didn’t have enough energy left… Chapter 2 to follow…Keerat Y5V

An owl hooted. It was nearly midnight. Charlotte, a pleasant sweet girl, woke up to start serving her master. He was a polite and kind man, his name was Wily Russo. Charlotte opened her master’s door and quietly tip-toed  over to her master’s bed to start massaging his tired and sore legs.

After she massaged his legs, she quickly went downstairs, very quietly, to prepare breakfast. It was still dark outside. Only the shuffle of some birds could be heard near the kitchen window. She made oatmeal with strawberries and blue berries. This was Wily Russo’s favourite breakfast. Also, Charlotte made some toast with jam for Wily’s wife.

As soon as Wily woke up with his wife, he immediately scoffed his breakfast on the dining table and ordered his wife to sit down. Praising Charlotte he said, “Some great food once again!” Shyly Charlotte replied, “Thank you, Sir!” “Here’s your 5 shillings for this hour Charlotte,” he muttered under his breath. “Thank you, Sir,” Charlotte responded in a soft nervous voice.

Excitedly Charlotte walked to the kitchen with the dishes. Wily Russo left for work with his big black bag, while his wife stayed in the house along with Charlotte. His wife didn’t like Charlotte. She was a strange person.

Half an hour later, Charlotte got thrown out of the house, literally with her suitcase and all her belongings! Charlotte was surprised. Wily’s spoilt wife didn’t like her that much! Sitting under the shelter at the bus stop, Charlotte starved for food! Then suddenly,  she remembered the 5 shillings!

Bare and tired feet, she walked all the way to the meat pudding shop and spent a shilling on a pie with gravy. As she entered the shop, she realised it was empty and a man was hastily packing the supplies in the stove.

“What’s going on, Sir!” moaned Charlotte, feeling really hungry and tired. “I’m closing down this shop! It hasn’t got busier for the past five months,” replied the man irritatedly.

“Well, may I have a pie?” called Charlotte out, without looking at the man. “I’m sorry, I can’t give you a pie,” shouted the man loudly, continuing the packing.

Meanwhile, Wily Russo was walking down the same street and in one sudden moment, he saw Charlotte drenched in rain. Running over to her, he covered her with a towel and walked her to the house. He asked his wife what happened. She told him the truth and said, “I’m also packing my bags, I’m going back to my mum – forever!” Wily’s wife left the house! 

“Charlotte, I’ve got good news for you, you are not a servant anymore! You are now my very own daughter! I am officially adopting you as my daughter – Charlotte Russo!” chuckled Wily. 

“Thank you, Si… uh, I mean… father!” replied Charlotte quietly. Charlotte was happy forever, knowing that she would always have some shelter and a warm bed! +++ Navkiran

It was a warm cheerful afternoon, when Mack was putting his rubbish in the bin near the door. Mack was getting looked after his older sister Jan. Also, they were living in a small quiet village, not far from London. Mack didn’t know his family. He only knew his mum, who died from a water disease. Being the oldest, his sister knew all about their dad and kept on telling Mack all about him, but sadly, he got killed by a street gang when he got himself involved with the wrong people!

It was a perishing, cold and crispy morning, when Mack was getting water from a river nearby their tiny home. “I’m… really cold!” he whispered to himself, looking around as if there was a warm jumper to wear. He immediately called his friends over to help with the water. As soon as they got the filthy water, (that is all what was available) Jan had spotted something very peculiar and strange! Because she didn’t like his friends, she told them to go, she even gave Mack a whole lecture on his so-called not great friends! So Mack dropped the water and then he had to go back again for water. He then had a feeling that he got followed, but ignored the feeling and walked on. When reaching the river, a person stood behind him and grabbed him and held him very tight!

As the crafty person set off, Mack was shouting loudly, “HELP!!!” It was too late. Immediately he was taken to a large filthy factory and the mystery man ordered him in a loud and demanding voice, “Go and pick those threads up!” “Y..yes!!” cried Mack nervously, but instantly. One hour later Mack made up his mind, “I’m going to escape!!” he thought to himself. The very next day, he told his boss that he needed a bath very urgently and he got sent to a stream. Suddenly, his boss appeared out of nowhere, but luckily, he didn’t see Mack!

Mack ran as fast as a wild dog after some yummy food! When he saw his sister, Jan, he went wild and shouted repeatedly, “I am free!! I am free!!” Mack was free and the mystery man was arrested. Mack lived happily with his sister and had nothing to worry about. +++Ruben



Plates painted by Y5 2011_2012


Plates painted by Y5 2010_2011


paintingplate_Kiran paintingplate_Narveer

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