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    If you quieten your mind, the symphony will start. This means: if you concentrate, all the 'good' things will happen!

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    Your life will never improve unless you start making daily improvements. - Lewis Howes

    Ubuntu is an Ancient African word which means: 'I am', because 'we are' - which means - working together.

    Queen Nefertiti wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten during the 14th century B.C.
    Hello and Welcome to your Y4 blog- previously the Y5V blog. The name 'Ubuntu' means also to help one another and work together, have compassion and humility - all linking to our 5 school values!

    Queen Cleopatra 69 BC
    Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Always 'try!'
    A person who walks in another’s tracks leaves no footprints. So, do not copy other people, think outside the box and do what you need or want to do. Don't be a follower - be a leader.
    The minute you start talking about what you’re going to do if you lose, you have lost.
    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
    The world is divided into people who do things – and people who get the credit.
    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Keep on dreaming, it's something good!
    Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you can fly. So, start doing! You'll be amazed by what you will achieve!

    Our values: Truth, Compassion, Contentment, Humility and Love   

    Our  ‘learning to learn’ skills are:
    Confidence to give everything a go, Persistence, Asking questions, Making links with prior learning, Sharing ideas and forming your own opinions, Creative problem-solving, Thinking things through – planning ahead

    Our shared values in Y4: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do and say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and do our work thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    Our Class blog: 2011_12 was shortlisted for the Educational Class Blog Award! Click the image to see we ended up in position nr 10! http://y5atschool.edublogs.org/
    We like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it.

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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Victorian stories – 1

Image: Readingmuseum

Ben, who was a young, poor Victorian boy, was looking through the window at his school with his sister, Kim, a moody sister. They stared at the Yr 6 massive playground, thinking about their father, who died in France with his brother in war, as heavy rains crossed the fields around them.

It was lunch time. Ben started to eat until his headmaster, Mr Mentor, checked everybody’s nails, including the Teacher’s! This was scary. Everyone ran away with fear, but Ben wasn’t scared. He didn’t want to get caned, so he made sure his nails were all cut up to 6.2 instead of 6.9.  Mr Mentor came to measure their nails and was very disappointed and said, “I am very disappointed in you!” so he gave Ben a big slap and he collapsed, sank to the floor and got a cold. The worst!  He got expelled from school and was sent out to the streets! Ben got neglected, he didn’t have a mum, she died of typhoid years ago.

 Ben had a couple of shillings to buy a pie, filled with meat and a topping. As he came out of the pie shop, a gang of rude, vile boys, who were surrounded by the shops, followed him. He ran and ran, desperately shouting for help in a narrow, spooky alley-way. He lost them when he saw a wonderful girl in a distance.  She strolled up to him and thought he was a nice boy, so she thought to ask, “Will you go on a date with me?” She continued, “You can meet my family as well.” As Ben didn’t have a home, he went with Sophie to see her family down the road in a huge mansion with a backyard beach. When they reached her grandfather, who was drunk, he said in a drunken voice, “You alright boss!?”  After that, we went upstairs in a restaurant and it was amazing!  Ben was now part of a family!

Years later, Ben proposed to Sohie, “Will you marry me?” She screamed, “YES! YES! YES!” Ben got married three days later, even though his sister was not invited to the wedding in this small church in China. Ben had four children named, Bele, Terry, Orggu and Hannah. Jiovanni Y5V

Image: rodriguez9-3.pbworks

As the bolt of lightning flashed across the dull, gloomy sky, Sam, a young boy, was staring through the Boarding School’s window. It was raining heavily. He had a sister, who was also a cleaner. Sam’s father died during the Crimean war, with his brother.

“AAAAHHH!!!” shouted Sam. He got a big smack on his hand from his Teacher. It pained a lot! He hated boarding school. Thunder began rumbling like when your tummy rumbled when you were hungry. Sam couldn’t take this anymore! He felt to plan an escape from school. It felt like a jail.

Sam went to fresh himself up. The rain had stopped. He heard footsteps! “Who could it be?” he questioned himself. “Where is this person from?” he wondered.

“Hello boy! My name is Vile Victor!” a man growled. Sam widened his eyes and turned around. He saw a very old man. The man said, “Come and have  a feast with me.” Sam thought about it. It might be a trap, however, he was very poor and extremely hungry! He thought to go.

 When Sam finished his yummy feast, the man tricked him and a cage fell down on him! Sam was trembling with fear! The man began laughing. Meanwhile, Sam’s teacher couldn’t find him. The children got worried! All the boys rushed out of the school, because it was after school time and they could play, so they needed to go outside to the lake. There was absolutely nothing, except the lake and a bunch of trees. The boys knew there was a man living beside the lake, so they came up with an idea.

Half an hour later, there was one person, Tom, near the lake. The other children found cover behind the trees. This was their plan! Vile Victor was coming! Meanwhile, Sam opened his eyes and looked at the window. He saw Tom with Vile Victor! Everybody was behind the vile man! Sam also saw his teacher behind the man.

“CHARGE!!!!” shouted everyone. Vile Victor was trapped! Everyone took the man to the Workhouse, where guards punished him. Everything was back to normal, although a little punishment was waiting for Sam. However, Sam accepted the punishment. “AAAAHHHH!!” was all he could say after being caned three times for trying to escape. Sam realised it was best to stay at Boarding School. —JEEVAN Y5V

Image: heritage-explorer

Sam, who had just turned ten, lived with his dad, mum and bossy sister in a wooden cottage in a small village near London. His mum was disabled and had a wheel chair. His dad was a builder and his mum did some sewing for the women who lived near her. Sam’s mum and dad were on their way to London for his mum to have another operation.

While Sam was eating, he went to get some milk from the cow. He then got a thought. He needed to work. Many other Victorian children worked too. Two hours after he did his chores, he went to his sister and said, “Jenny, I’m going to work! Yes, I am going to go around houses and collect rubbish and I will get 5 shillings a day!”  In a sudden moment, he saw an old man picking up rubbish outside his home. He asked, “May I help you?” The old man said, “Yes, of course.” Afterwards he gave me 5 shillings. “Jenny, what are we going to do with the 5 shillings? Let’s spend it on pop corn.” “No, we are giving it to mum and dad. If we have enough we can buy a house as a surprise for them.” One day, when Sam came back he was so happy! “What happened?” asked Jenny. “I got so much money and I saw a big house with seven rooms. Also we have enough money to buy the house.” Then Sam bought the house and the furniture. He was so happy.

“I am tired.” Dad said to mum. “Let’s go home.”  When they reached home there was a surprise. They were really surprised. They got blind-folded and taken into the house. Dad was really happy to see how hard Sam worked. ++Manjot.

When the wind settled, the poor and lonely orphans were starving and the horrific cries on the rooftops of London houses could be heard for miles.  However, John always tried to be brave. He always tried to believe in himself, but he couldn’t cope, as his mother died from cancer.

As the moon rose, the orphans went to their night jobs in the dark and dangerous factories with magnificent machines. “What’s the point of doing this job? We only get a shilling and always starve to death!” groaned John. The other orphans leaped home around in tears, as they were abused by the adults, because they were not doing the work properly as they used to do! John and the others started getting abused repeatedly. “I’m tired of being beaten, next time we will stand up for us and be fearless!”

As soon as John got to the factory, he stood up for everyone who got beaten and never got paid. “I am sick and tired of you,” shouted John. “You think you’re so clever, John, but it is you and your little dirty friends will even get more beaten and abused because of you! Nobody will go home! Oh yeah, I forgot, you don’t have a home!” interrupted and exclaimed the owner of the factory. 

Ever since that day, John wrote a diary in the hope to send it to a person, who would hire him, only if he could find one. That same evening, John ran away. It was extremely hard and it was cold and he didn’t have enough energy left… Chapter 2 to follow…Keerat Y5V

image: guardian
Sophie was a kind and friendly 12 year old girl and had to look after her two small sisters and brother. She was a bit worried. Her friend, Jane, came over to help. They all were going to Manchester. They all loved going to Manchester. That’s where all the wonderful shops were. Sophie’s mother was actually going to buy some new dresses and Sohpie couldn’t wait. Jane’s family was also rich, like Sophie’s family. Sophie’s mother was feeling so much better, when she heard that Sophie was coming. Sophie was still thinking, “How will I go to ma? Well, I am the Queen’s daughter,” she said to herself excitedly. As soon as they left the house, they went to their Royal carriage. Then they arrived at the airport. They all felt nervous for going but, “We will bring mother back,” said Amy and Angel together. “Why do you two talk together?” muttered Sophie. Sophie saw a helpful lady. She carried their suitcases because she knew she was the Queen’s daughter. They had a great time with that lady. She cared a lot about them. “We are on the plane.” As soon as they arrived, they went to Jane’s aunt to stay for the two months. “Phew, we have somewhere to live,” said Amy. She felt tired because she was uncomfortable. Though Sophie was uncomfortable she was still sweet like a baby. Sophie was talking to Jane and she said, “It’s your birthday tomorrow! Anyway your mother is coming next week at 6am.” Avneet

Image: museumoflondon

As the wild and dusty wind crossed the bright blue skies, no one… absolutely no one was on the roads, roads that were used to be very busy. Was this because of smelly orphans? Luckily for one boy’s mother, Jack’s mother, who was faithful, just like Jack!

Jack was a generous, helpful and kind boy, even though he never went to school. Jack was a talented boy and worked in a factory. Sometimes he thought someone was spying on him and his family. There was a rude, greedy old man as well. “Ma,” Jack panicked, “could you tell me when your birthday was, because I have a shilling and would like to spend it on a very precious present!” he said pleasantly. “Ok, my birthday is the 6th December!” she said excitedly. “Your birthday is one of these days!” Jack said, whilst going up the chimney to clean it.

Walking on the path and giggling all the way down to the shop, Jack suddenly rushed to the shop. “Ah, my mum is going to love me the most!” He rang the bell of the shop. “Howdy young lad, you must be Jack? Am I right?” he spoke foolishly and miserably. “This man had bad thoughts,” Jack thought by himself. His face had a weird expression and he looked sad. 

“Excuse me, Sir, do you mind if I ask you something?” Jack muttered. “Of course not,” the wrinkly old man said. “Are you feeling well, or still a bit weak? The sun outside is a bit hot!” he said whilst looking at the diamond jumper. “Alright, alright, I will tell you the truth. No one is buying my gorgeous and glamorous jumpers!” he said in a devilish way. Jack was curious, “Could I see the jumper?” he said whilst holding his shilling tightly, hoping that ma would like it. [to be continued…] Simranjit B


Two hours before Ryback fell finally asleep at 23:00, which meant it was at 21:00, he had a weird, horrible dream, which was about a cruel filthy man called Del Rio. Ryback was a poor young lad from Edinburgh, which is very far from London.

Del Rio was a robber. He liked to rob people from their money and he had two very clever and crafty helpers, who were CM Punk and  Ricardo Rodriguez, both weird men in their 20’s. 

CM Punk, a stupid, unintelligent and smelly robber, robbed Ryback’s mum, AJ, who recently turned 21! When she saw CM, she decided to wrestle him, as she was good as wrestling. She used to be a wrestler since a very young age. 

Passers-by, Randy and his friends, saw how they wrestled, how a door got smashed and heard loud screams! “Where did this come from?” Sin Cara, one of the friends, exclaimed, “No, it is THE DIRT!!”  They suddenly crossed their fists and one by one, they sprinted off and swiftly went around the building, upstairs to an attic, where the screams came from. 

Sin Cara and his one friend, Una, searched the mysterious-looking attic. “They must be around here,” he whispered in a low tone. [to be continued…] +++Shivam

Image: NASA

As the sun blazed down onto the riverbed, Kami appeared out of the blue with an uncomfortable head from learning all about the solar system. Although Science was his favourite subject, Kami needed to rest and sat down on the sofa. When he woke up, he went back to school again and on his way he saw a factory and said that was where they made space ships by children for astronauts. Kami thought it was a great idea to work there.

When he got back from home, he asked his parents to let him work at the factory. Kami’s parents said, “Alright, we will let you go to the factory.” It took him six hours of hard work. At the end of the day he got 15 shillings and went home and gave the money to his parents.

That evening Kami started his own book and planned to built a space station. He worked at the factory for twenty years. When he was 30 years old, he became a Scientist and then his mother died. Kami wanted to travel to Jupiter to investigate the planet. 

One scorching day Kami said to his father that he was going to investigate and his father said in a cranky voice to go. Kami did go and when he returned he found out that his father died in an accident. Kami was so sad that he died as well. +++ Sukhman

image: BBC

 There was a lovely girl, called Lizzy. She was lonely and had nothing to do. She had black hair and sad brown eyes. Lizzy was heading home where her ill ma was. On her way back, she met a mean and cruel man. The man said, “Would you like to work for me as a slave?” “Yes, but only if you pay me!” “Alright then, come on,” the man said. She started to follow the man, but had a feeling that he was bad. Also, she remembered what her ma said. “Do not go with strangers!” She was about to go away, but his house was already there! 

Lizzy felt scared and wondered, “What if he does something?” The man said, “This is my house.” She went inside and was amazed by how huge it was. He ordered her to start with the kitchen. She had an idea! She could run away!

The man looked into the kitchen to see if she was done, but couldn’t find her. She had disappeared. He started looking for Lizzy, but he never found her and yelled, “Lizzy, come out wherever you are or I won’t give you any money!” Lizzy made up her mind. [to be continued]+++Simranjit K

Victorian writing – by Aviraj – [click on the image for a larger view]

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