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    If you quieten your mind, the symphony will start. This means: if you concentrate, all the 'good' things will happen!

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    The Watercycle - evaporation [sun heats up water and it turns into a gas]-condensation [the droplets, which is a gas, cools down, clouds are formed]-precipitation [rain, hail, snow, sleet]-run-off [rivers, underground water]- collection [water gathers in the oceans] and the process starts again!

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    Your life will never improve unless you start making daily improvements. - Lewis Howes

    Ubuntu is an Ancient African word which means: 'I am', because 'we are' - which means - working together.

    Queen Nefertiti wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten during the 14th century B.C.
    Hello and Welcome to your Y4 blog- previously the Y5V blog. The name 'Ubuntu' means also to help one another and work together, have compassion and humility - all linking to our 5 school values!

    Queen Cleopatra 69 BC
    Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Always 'try!'
    A person who walks in another’s tracks leaves no footprints. So, do not copy other people, think outside the box and do what you need or want to do. Don't be a follower - be a leader.
    The minute you start talking about what you’re going to do if you lose, you have lost.
    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
    The world is divided into people who do things – and people who get the credit.
    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Keep on dreaming, it's something good!
    Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you can fly. So, start doing! You'll be amazed by what you will achieve!

    Our values: Truth, Compassion, Contentment, Humility and Love   

    Our  ‘learning to learn’ skills are:
    Confidence to give everything a go, Persistence, Asking questions, Making links with prior learning, Sharing ideas and forming your own opinions, Creative problem-solving, Thinking things through – planning ahead

    Our shared values in Y4: To care for myself and others by making sure we are all safe and happy. To be honest in all we do and say. We always work hard and try our best. We listen carefully and do our work thoroughly. We make sure we are always giving our best, so everyone else can be the best that they can be. We look after our property.
    We like to be 'leaders' and not 'followers' We always choose the 'good' light inside of us. We make the right choices at the right time.

    Anyone can train hard for a short period. Winners give their best every hour of every day for months on end.

    Our Class blog: 2011_12 was shortlisted for the Educational Class Blog Award! Click the image to see we ended up in position nr 10! http://y5atschool.edublogs.org/
    We like to stop and think - before we do or speak.

    'Give children a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime.’David Hyerle
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward
    You cannot write it, if you cannot say it; you cannot say it, if you haven't heard it.

    We love to share our way of thinking, it does help us in our learning!

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Rhino Dogs go to the skies

These dogs are trained to catch rhino poachers! They are amazing!


Roblox is my most favourite game in the whole wide world! 😀 It has many games like tycoons,water parks longest slides ever etc.. But my favourite games are Field of battle and Elemental wars. ( I just started elemental wars yesterday and I was already almost the highest level! :D) By the way I am going to be talking about the games Field of battle and Elemental wars. I will start of with Field Of Battle. (By the way ROBLOX is for 9+ so if you are under 9 wait because there are things not for your age)

Field of Battle

In this game you start of on lvl 1 and you have the least powerful sword, bow and arrow (unlimited arrows for all bows),no magic spells, enchants or armour. It’s really easy to get lvl because you only need 10 XP. Every lvl up gives you more gold so you can buy weapons and armour. Let me tell you about the maps. My favourite one is the island. There is Island, Savannah, Cavern, Kingdoms, Rogue, Underground, Fortress, Jungle and the lobby. In the lobby spawns a gigantic demon waiting to be killed. But be careful, this can kill you in a jiffy. I think no one has survived it but you never know there could be a pro (like me LOL 😀 but haven’t survived sadly 🙁 ) who survives! After the demon is defeated, it starts raining gems but it is really intense because there is a ultra rare gem that he drops aswell and there’s only 1! With a rare gem you can buy the best weapon or armour there is but is is 15000 gold which is a lot. This demon event happens in 1 out of 7 chances. There are the orcs (ogres) team and the humans team. 1 person on each team is duke or king. King gives you +3 armour but duke doesn’t give any armour. The King and Duke gets points and with points you get to spawn bosses. The human bosses are Prince Hadrian, Lieutenant Colonel Morgan, commander Meridius and Champion Hawklight. The orcs bosses are Korkron Overseer, Arug the destroyer, Orc Skeleton King, Dread pirate Vakar and High Chieftan Xuruck. I would like you to find out the rest. I hope you would lik to start playing this and put your hopes up for games on ROBLOX. 😀 😀 😀 😀 .

Elemental wars

This game my friend Arjan.J told me about just a few weeks earlier and its the best game ever. So, in here you start of again at lvl 1 and you have 3 rolls. First you roll the square and you land on a element. That will be your magic unless you roll again. Death magic is the strongest magic but the light magic is the latest update so now light magic is the best. There are also parkour moves which are double W, double A, doubles and double D. I want it to be a surprise for you so you can see what it is. That is it for this post and I hope you enjoy it! 😀 😀 😀 😀

What did this lion think?

Bullying and Friendship

Bullying is something bad. Some mean people are bullies and bully people if they don’t have any friends. Some people feel bad about themselves and then they bully others, because they want other people to feel bad about themself as well and if there is something they like and the bully doesn’t. There are bullies who go over there limits, they make fun of people and make racism comments, which is offensive.

Bullies need attention from adults, as they have problems that adults need to sort out, this is also why they bully others. There might be something at home that they don’t like or they feel frustrated about something and they don’t know how to deal with it.

A few people do not tell anyone that they get bullied because they don’t want to get threatened by the bully. You should tell your parents or your teachers that you’re getting bullied the very first day because if you tell late, anything can happen any time. If any bully reads this message please understand it and stop bullying, so you don’t get in trouble and the others can be happy as well!


Friendship is something which everybody has. Some people don’t have friends because they’re not experienced and are really sad by seeing other people hanging around with friends. If you want friends, you should make sure you express and show the 5 values. The most important thing is that you should know how to build a conversation, if you don’t know how to build a conversation, you won’t be able to make friends! If somebody you want be friends with is talking with someone, you could join in and at the end of the conversation you could ask to be friends and they might say yes. Do not lie to your friends, because if you do, you will be left all alone as your friends will not trust you again.

BE NICE to other people, treat them the way you want to be treated. Remember what we learned in school: if you can’t say anything NICE, don’t say anything at all!
#Tashanjit #Friends and #Friendship #Bullying

Summer holiday 2016

Hi Everyone! It’s back to school for you all! This is where I spent a whole week during the Summer Holiday! Though it was the end of Winter in South Africa, the weather was great, but just a bit too cold to swim in the sea. As you can see, the sea was a little bit rough, it was busy getting high tide and I was glad for all those waves that came rolling in for my video! I hope you had a fabulous break too! Come tell us all about it!



I just wanted to say congratulations to Tirathjot. His mother has had a baby girl and I hope you are enjoying your time with her. Make sure you are changing the nappies for your Mummy!  🙂 




Something to make you think this holiday

Hiya Everyone! I hope you enjoy your holiday?
Those of you who are at home, here’s something to keep you busy:
First: Something Maths!
What is a Prime Number – give some examples too.
What is a Square Number – give some examples too.
475 x 6 < 287 x 8 – True or False? Explain.
What are the following in Arabic numbers?
Use these numbers: 8, 9, 3, 6
How many sums can you make by using the above digits? ?? x ? =
(1) 7600 g = ? kg (2) 3.08 kg = ? g (3) 9 800 g = ? kg
Find the missing digits: 3_8 + _0_ = 563
Order from the biggest to the smallest:
(1) 1, 7, -8, 9, -12, 21, 45, -23, 0, 22, -33
(2) -2, -9, 29, 87, -45, -8, -13, 44, 12
Continue the sequence: -1, -3, -5, _, _, _
23, 46, 69, _, _, _
25, 50, 75, _, _, _
0.25; 0.5; 0.75; 1; 1.25; _; _; _
What is 8 less than -12?
13 x 8=22+82 – True or False? Why?
Good luck!

What I did this week Monday?

On Monday around 12 o’clock, we went to a place near Legoland in Windsor. We went to Amerden Caravan and Camping Park Gardens. There also is a boating area but what I loved the best was that there were a really, big, massive lawn of green grass, green trees everything was just green. There was a nice breeze of the wind to enjoy whilst walking. I don’t know what day, but the Queen Her Majesty walks in this Greenland as her royal walk.

After that walk, we went to Windsor around 2:15pm. The car parking was really expensive, it was 1 hour £3 and 2 hours £6. We were really hungry so we went to a nearby pub. It was called Browns. There was a  separate menu for children and adults. I had asked for mash potato with sausages, onion gravy, onion rings and peas with chips. I had never eaten that much before but I didn’t like how slow they served. Lots of the customers had just left even when they had ordered.

It was a really nice time. I did enjoyed my day, hoping next time it would be even better.

See you soon! Have a nice time! Have a nice holiday! I will miss you, Mrs Van! #Simarpreet #Holidaygirl

How rivers change over time

This is how…

This is how a rail construction assembly line works.

Amazing! Chopsticks

This young man is just amazing! Chopsticks is a composition almost anyone who knows about piano, can play, but not in this way!

Windsor – Joban

Hi Everyone!

Today at 1 pm,  I went to Windsor with my mum. I even visited the Windsor Castle and McDonalds. I saw something new  there. They let you play on the tablets. On a bus it took me 10 minutes to get there. You must go there. Here’s a picture of me. Enjoy your holiday.  = Joban


Publisher and Brazil


Tashanjit 4V

During Computing lessons, we learnt many skills this year. One task to develop our skills was to create a fact file about Brazil in Publisher. We learnt how to use Publisher, but also how to: format the background, fill text boxes with colour, add a coloured border and how to rotate images and text boxes. We also learnt that it’s important to have a readable text and to fill our text boxes with a subtle colour so that our text is still readable to the reader. These are completed publisher posters converted as images. We hope you enjoy our efforts. How do you think Y4 can improve their poster next time? Feel free to leave us a comment.

Brazil jesleen

Jesleen 4V

Brazil Manveer

Manveer 4V

brazil simran c

SimranC  4V


Arjan J  4V


Arvind 4v


Jasraj 4V

Brazil_joban 1

Joban  4V


Josh 4V


Ricky 4V

Brazil_Simran K

Simran K  4V


Simrat 4V

The ways of the wild

BFG – This Summer

Ricky – Littlehampton Beach

In the end of the summer days in Y4, we went to Littlehampton beach and it was the most fun trip I have ever had. With excitement, I woke up, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and after having breakfast, I rushed to school. Luckily, I was on time! As soon as we left, my friends and I started playing cards. By the time we got there, it was already late morning. The beach was a bit rocky but we walked and then we found a sandy part!

Quickly, we had our lunch and started playing all sorts of games. We went in the water and I got my shorts completely soaked with my shirt a little bit wet! Then it was time for ice cream and there was some doughnuts and slush-puppy too. I had a Kit-Kat ice-cream and 4 sugar-coated doughnuts. Everyone had something to eat.

Sadly, it was 2 pm and time for us to go back to school. We arrived at 5:00, where all our parents waited eagerly. I went to teamsters but luckily,  my mum came already. Everyone had an amazing time. I hope we have a trip like this again next year! #Ricky#Blogger#Writer

The Amazing horse



The Amazing Horse is not any type of horse. This horse has long lasting technology in its brain. If there is an enemy tricking it, within one minute it finds out if they have come to take it. Most horse’s hair is razor sharp and straggly thin and if you touch it, you can get an electric shock. During winter seasons, some of these horses use its inside heater ability and can stay warm for a very long time.


There is no animal existing just like this horse with its special ability of changing colour. In general, its hair and tail are as long as a coconut tree, its body is small and the horse’s neck is as long as a giraffe! Many of these species have a tinge of grey and a splash of blue on its stomach and rest of the body’s colour is blue-purple. You can meet it when it comes back from the groceries, crossing the road in Romania, especially on windy and hot, sunny days. On these days, its ability to change colour is at its peak, though it’s only for smaller types of these species.


The Amazing Horse is normally found in Romania, doing window shopping and sometimes it is found in London, looking for other Amazing Horses to connect with. In general, it goes to misty fields and eat all  sweet vegetables and dry pies very quickly, so no other animals can take their food. Sometimes these horses find a quiet place to live, however others will start fighting if they are not from the same specie.


Most Amazing Horses eat vegetable pies and often it drinks juice,however some of these horses’ favourite drink is Coke and Fanta and its favourite food is pizza with veggie sausages. For dessert it prefers to eat mud ice scream with mud sprinkles on top.

Interesting facts

This Amazing Horse can jump more than 7 feet straight up in the air. If necessary, it could reveal and open up magical wings and grow a horn on its head, which helps them to transform into a very special unicorn. #Tashanjit#CreativeBlogwriter


Today I am going to write a post about Roblox. It is my favourite game because inside the website, it has millions of other games. So if you don’t like one, there are others to choose from.

The main games I play are Field of Battle- Vampire Hunters 2- Murder Mystery 2

Field Of Battle has 2 sides. Humans and Ogres. There are different maps to choose from and each team fight each other. With every kill or ore you mine you get gold. You can use gold to buy better stuff from the shop.

In Vampire Hunters 2 there is a vampire. The humans have to work out who the vampire is before he kills everyone. The Detective has the gun and is able to kill the Vampire. You can be the vampire if you wait and play lots of rounds. There are different modes like Classic which has 2 vampires killing everyone, Juggernaut which has all detectives and 1 vampire and helpless which has 1 vampire and 0 detectives and the rest are survivors.

Murder Mystery 2- Someone is the murderer but nobody knows who it is. The sheriff has a gun to shoot the murderer. There is 1 mode. You are able to be murderer. Murderer has a knife and is able to throw it.

There are many more games. It is an online game but very safe. You can chat to people. Tycoons are like a little brand you own and you have to work to get money and expand it. You have the ability to customize your character by the shop. Some stuff need Robux to pay for. You have to pay money for Robux and can spend it on different games. You are also able to friend people. Remember to friend these names:







Thanks for reading! #Josh

Littlehampton beach recount.

On 21st of June, I went to Littlehampton beach. I woke in the morning and got ready to get a move on but it seemed forever to get ready. Since I couldn’t be bothered to eat, I left my breakfast. Waiting for my mum to get ready, at twenty five past seven, I watched T.V. and played on my kindle. Once we left, I waited in the office for someone to let us in and then finally Mr.B let us in. I was talking to my friend on the way. Sitting and playing on the coach, I almost fell asleep but SimranK kept talking to me and in that way she kept me awake. I also had a game of Josh’s minion card game and I won.

When I got onto the beach, I immediately started playing with the sand. After having lunch, I finally got some ice cream. As I had extra money, I bought a slush puppy, 2 donuts and strawberry syrup to go with it. That was lush and I ate all that and just sat on the beach, watching the waves rolling in. I also dipped my feet in the water as Mr.B said we could. Then, sadly, we had to go.

On the way back, I slept (and yes I did –  if the girls told you I drooled whilst I was asleep) and Ms woke me up so I started talking to Arvind, who was singing ‘peace and harmony‘. Once I got out of the coach, I hugged my mum and told her the whole story and my sisters were really jealous! #Jaskiran#Blogwriter

Littlehampton Recount

On Tuesday 21st of June 2016, Y4 got a trip to go to and its to the beach! In the early morning, I woke up about 6:50 and went downstairs to eat my pancakes with syrup.  After eating, I changed into my clothes and got ready to go to school.

When I arrived, most of my class were already there, so I shouted “Hi” as I came sprinting into the classroom. When Mrs.V was calling out the teams, I got excited that she put me in the team with my friends. So then we picked our stuff, got in the line, walked sensibly to the coach and got in.

Since I was bored, as I get bored quite quickly, I took some cards out and asked my friends if they fancy a game of cards. Enjoying are selves while playing, the coach suddenly stopped about half way. Why did it stop? Did it break down? It actually turned out that we were having to stop for a break. Going outside, my team followed Mr.G to the toilets. As Arjan and I didn’t need to go, we sat down on these cushiony chairs. The rest of the journey I didn’t talk and just watched my surroundings as I was feeling a little sick.

When we got to the beach, I was depressed, due to it being a shell beach. Outside the coach, the teachers gave out bananas and I was amazed how it cured me from my headache.  Walking along the beach’s shells, we found a good spot to settle down. I was so hungry and luckily we got to eat. In my pack lunch, I had a sandwich with cheese and salad in with a chocolate bar. Eventually, the teachers found a more sandy part to go to.

At the new area, I dumped my backpack on the shells and brought my bucket and spade to start digging and making gigantic sandcastles. As the tide coming more in and in, most of us started going in the water. We hopped over the little ones until a high one came in. As I had common sense, I backed up a lot while my friends got soaked big time and even had to changed clothes. I was happy I made the wright decision. 

In the line for slush puppies, I got a mixed flavour which was so tasty. Most of my friends got Ice cream though some got what I got. We started building a barrier of sand, until we accidentally made a moat! It was incredible. Even Mrs.B from 4B was impressed. Not realising the time, we unfortunately had to go.  Josh #BestWriter

Problem Solving – KS2 – Bar models

Adding Fractions

Maths game


Click HERE TO PLAY the maths game.

New Prime Minister


Click HERE to watch the clip about the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, on BBC Newsround.

David Cameron

David Cameron – leaving his office to meet with the Queen.
Watch the video: David Cameron saying his goodbyes to the Parliament.

David Cameron1


Theresa May meeting the Queen


Theresa May left the Palace after a meeting of about 30 minutes.

The Bunyip!

Animals getting along

How sweet is this that the animals get along so well! Why can’t us as humans also not get along so well?

Oxbow lakes

Meanders and oxbow lakes from Mr Jenkins

The Zika Virus

The Zika Virus comes from the family “Flaviviridae”. The disease spreads by the early-morning active Aedes mosquitos in the environment. The name Zika comes from the Zika forest in Uganda where the disease was discovered in 1997. From 2007 to 2016, the virus has spread Eastwards, across the Pacific Ocean to the Americas. Since there is no treatment, paracetamol and rest might help a little bit. There is no medicine or vaccines to help them take the disease away. More to come…#Ricky

How clever is this bird!!

Queen 90 and the Duke 95

Did you watch the Trooping of the Colour on TV this morning? It was the celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday and the Duke of Edinburgh’s 95th birthday. The Duke is the title of her husband.

To my bffs- Simrat + Gurleen

UntitledJust for you:

Today I found a friend,

Who knew everything I felt.

She knew my every weakness,

And the problems I dealt.

She understood my wonders,

And listened to my dreams.

She listened to how I felt about life and love,

And knew what it all means.

Not once did she interrupt me,

Or tell me I was wrong.

She understood what I was going through,

And promised me she’d stay long.

I reached out to this friend

To show her I do care

To pull her close and let her now

I went to pull her hand

To pull her a bit nearer

To realize that this perfect friend I found

Was nothing but a mirror.

The Perfect Friend, By Shannen Wrass, Copyright © 1995

#Simarpreet #Best#Friends

Monday- Diary: Ricky

Today was inset day! I woke up at 7:15 and got out of bed at the same time. Rushing, I had brushed my teeth, had breakfast and started playing games. While I was playing, I was having a sandwich. After having a sandwich, I went outside to play and had my second 11+ paper. Before that, my mum got a call from Mr.B and he said I was in a golf tournament tomorrow! Feeling excited, I played on the Ipad and went golf with my dad and sister. Coming back at 7:35, I had roti with rajma for dinner and again, I read on the kindle and had a good night sleep. Having a feeling of being on top of the world, I couldn’t wait for tomorrow since it’s my golf tournament! #Ricky

International Environment Day 2016

Today was International Environment Day! All countries make an effort to preserve our planet’s wildlife and as individuals, we need to do our bit as well! What are you going to do the rest of this year to look after our planet? You can start at your home and at school. Don’t kill those little harmless spiders or insects that you sometimes see in the playground. They are there for a purpose. Every little creature has its place in nature and we shouldn’t destroy it just because we are ‘scared’ or just for the fun of it. Those tiny creatures are more scared at us and want to live too. Help your friends to look after our precious planet. We only have one planet like Earth! You can also look after our plants and trees, don’t walk past them and step on those small plants. Don’t destroy the trees, instead we need to plant more trees.


Sunday H/W Ricky

Today I woke up at roughly 7:30 and got up at 9:oo. Since my whole family was outside, I wanted to go as well so I brushed my teeth, had my breakfast and went outside. After we did gardening, I found a woodlice and put it  into my petri dish but my dad put the woodlice in the bushes. Since I was sad, my mum told me to help her and she said that I was really good. After helping my mum, I planted seeds in my patch. It was really fun but we had to clear it out first, which was not fun. It was really fun gardening with my mum. Luckily, it paid off because I got to play my games on the laptop. I took shower afterwards and we even had face time my cousin from India,  although it failed. Again, I played on the laptop Roblox: “Field of battle.” I am at level 13 fighter. My mum gave me papers to do for my 11+. I found it hard and in some of them, I even wrote “I don’t know!”  My mum taught me a few things and encouraged me to pass my 11+. I had dinner after that, which was chicken with roti and I also had a samosa sandwich. Finally, I had read a book and went to sleep. #Ricky

English Saturday-Ricky

Today I woke up At 9:30, half an hour till my golf club! I had to do everything so I am not late. This includes, brushing my teeth, having breakfast, getting ready and still I wasn’t on time! After that, we had lunch while watching TV and my parents had tea. This gave me the opportunity to do my homework and then play my games. After my games, I went downstairs, since the living room was free of tuition. As there was nothing to do, my dad and I started chipping with the golf. However, we had dinner which was naan with chicken. Finally, I read on my sister’s kindle and went to sleep. #Ricky #Diary

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